How to Prepare Before A Skin Procedure

Whether it be for a skin cancer, cyst or lipoma removal, we review some helpful tips for preparing for your skin procedure.

Before the Procedure:

- It is often recommended to not drink alcohol 24 hours prior to your procedure. Alcohol may thin the blood and as precaution, hold any alcoholic beverages.

-Get a good night rest, eat and drink water prior to your appointment---stay hydrated!

-Notify your dermatologist if you are on any medications that may thin your blood as he/she may request you hold prior to the procedure or continue the medications as prescribed. Medications that may thin the blood include:

(1) Prescription medications (Coumadin, Eliquis, etc.)

(2) Herbal supplements (i.e. Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Ginkgo)

(3) Over-the-counter pain relievers (i.e. Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Motrin)

Remember, the day prior and the day of the procedure continue your prescribed medications unless otherwise directed by your provider.

-Notify your dermatologist if you have a history of any joint replacements or other artificial implants in the body as well as the dates of placement of such implanted devices.

-Avoid smoking tobacco before and after your skin procedure as it may negatively impact wound healing.

Day of Procedure:

-You will be awake during the procedure and local numbing will be used. However, if you are concerned about driving home after the procedure, feel free to have a friend or family member join you for support.

-Your provider will discuss the procedure and expectations during and after the procedure.

After the Procedure:

-Your dermatologist will discuss recommendations regarding physical work-out restrictions depending on the site of the procedure, how extensive the procedure was and history of poor wound healing.

-Review wound care instructions with your provider. Vaseline is a recommended emollient and aids in wound healing under occlusion with a bandage.

- If you experience bleeding, oozing, fevers, chills and/or expanding redness from the wound site, it is important to contact your provider for further instruction.

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